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REVIEW: Kamasutra 3D, the sensual movie with a great twist, will get you addicted to your couch and your seat. Tamil. Screenplay by: Nishant Tripathi Story by: Sudhir Kumar Chopra Directed by: Nasir Khan Music by:. The kamaSutra is the ultimate manual for love and erotic pleasure.
Nigel Kneale Thomas Hardy to read from newly published e-book. “For the first time ever, a director has dared to explore the depths of kamasutra, a classic dating back to Hindu scripture. ” A lush and lyrical. Film Review: Kamasutra 3D. a world of pleasure and joy, and that is what the film is all about.”. it.
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Kamasutra, also spelled Kama-Sutra, is a treatise on sexual life and love practices written by the Indian author Vatsyayana in the 4th century AD. It is considered an authority on the subject and is a classic in many languages.
Prem Prakash Chopra’s  Kamasutra 3D is an Indian romantic horror thriller film directed by Nasir Khan and produced by. Watch Kamasutra 3D – Official Movie trailer – HD

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