The Elden Ring game is a fantasy action RPG. In an era of peace and cooperation, a vast world with a variety of situations and huge dungeons are seamlessly connected.

Characters are weak and powerful. There are no classes nor levels, the characters are all free to develop their own play style. Players can freely decide how to develop their characters. For example, characters can increase their muscle strength to become a strong warrior. As players progress, they will progress from the beginner to the expert level of the dungeons. As they progress, they will be able to explore new and unfamiliar dungeons and experience their own story.

There is no set series of battles, instead each player develops their own strategy in battle. As the player levels up, the enemies become stronger and stronger. Players will experience a variety of exciting battles. Players can directly attack enemies on all fronts, so their strength will not be limited to single axis. The number of actions per turn is only 5. You can utilize every action, so you should make thoughtful choices on the actions that you take.

3 Battle Modes and Special Equipment
In addition to the main battles, players have access to dozens of different battle modes and equipment that will grant special skills. The battles will be different every time depending on the battle mode and the number of players involved.

There are 20 battle modes and 60 types of equipment.
Depending on the battle mode, the player can choose from a variety of special skills and weapons that can be equipped. Over 10,000 different equip slots are available, so the equipment will be able to change and evolve depending on the battle mode. Players can also evolve their own character in the story, so they will acquire better equipment than those who have faced the same boss before them.

The battle mode can be changed by selling special items or randomly generated items.
The game does not feature a tutorial, and players can play the game without any prior knowledge. However, in order to experience the thrill of combat, beginners should first familiarize themselves with the movement keys.


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Features Key:

  • Vast world, with unknown threats, to explore and overcome!
    An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect.
  • Embark on a grand adventure guided by grace!
  • Create and customise a character that will be your ally and your weapon!
  • Gorgeous yet easy to see graphics for enjoyable gameplay. Customizable loads of features, 10 different system skins, and 12 interface themes.
  • Online play, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together.
  • Competitive and free chat with other players whilst playing the game.
  • Fight monsters with ease by using a common conversation. Training and quest icons provide assistance for players at any level.
  • Engaging and entertaining quests with beautiful graphics, easy to play, and vary in difficulty.
  • Enjoy all the elements of Tamriel that have brought RPG fans back to fantasy games.
  • Create your own adventure.
  • System Requirements:

    • Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7 (64 bit).
      For Windows 8 users: The patch engine does not support the Windows 8 operating system. Please use Windows XP SP3
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent CPU
    • Memory: 512MB of RAM
    • Graphics: at least 64MB of VRAM for Windows XP or DirectX 9 support. For Windows Vista and Windows 7, add 1GB VRAM. For Windows 8 users, the patch engine cannot be used and the game does not support DirectX 9 support. DirectX 9 support is simply impossible and would render the game in an unplayable state. The current recommended minimum laptop system requirements for the game are a 1.7GHz CPU or better with 1GB of RAM.
    • DVD-ROM: For Windows XP and Windows Vista, only those for the region-free DVD-ROM are supported. You can expect poor compatibility in countries where the DVD-ROM is not region-free.
    • Hard drive: 500MB of available space


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    Arrow keys to move, Z to interact. The mouse is mainly used for zooming.


    You can play the game offline, but I recommend playing with online support.


    In the past, the continent has been crushed by the chaos brought on by the rise of Necromancy and the fall of order.

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    Storyline :

    The world was once a shining and fertile land that revelled in the rich harmony of the four elements. That perfect harmony was shattered by the act of magic…

    Cells and gems :

    Cells and gems are currencies used in the game to purchase various things. A cell costs 15 diamonds to purchase, and a gem costs 20 diamonds. Cells can be used to purchase items and open cells and gem from other players.

    The three pillars:

    The three pillars are known as the enchanted stones. They are identical in appearance and each have three different powers. The three pillars are:

    Lantern : The lantern is a powerful magic that can only be used by the Elden


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    • Create your own Elden Lord!
    In this game, you can freely create your own character, defining your character’s appearance and skills.
    • Restore your character’s health!
    As you obtain items, you can use them to restore your character’s health!
    • Development system that lets your character rise to the top!
    As you equip or use items, your character’s development will increase.
    • Unique Online Play that loosely connects you to others!
    As you chat with other players, you can directly play with them or together.

    Choose your class and develop your character. Experience the new fantasy action RPG with unique online play!
    How to get into Online play?
    When your game starts, choose ‘Online play’ from the ‘Quests’ menu.
    If you want to play in real-time, you need to connect to real players. Other players will also need to connect to each other, so we recommend joining a party with a few people or using VNDN (voice and chat number) to connect with others.
    If you would like to use characters or items from other games, you may enter the Migration Mode.
    You can transfer data between characters at the start of the Migration Mode.

    • Easy to get into
    If you have never played action RPGs, we recommend that you enter ‘Online play’ with a basic setup.
    If you have already played action RPGs, you can use the ‘Automatic Character Switch’ and experience the game easily.

    Online play
    As the number of players connected to the game increases, some restrictions may apply.
    For details, see your game situation at the time you log in and the ‘More about Online Play’ information in the menu.

    • Items are scarce
    Casting Cure will restore all your character’s health. It is important to use Cure when your character is low on health.

    • CPU is strong
    During combat, you can use the Burst Attack only by setting the Burst Condition for your character.
    Using the Burst Attack when your character is under the restrictions of using Cure, or is low on health, results in a lower experience than other characters.

    • Use Graph on the right side of the screen for an instant overview
    By pressing the ‘A’ key, you can see the ‘Graph’. The Graph is an instant overview


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    Thursday, September 22, 2020
    (Rated T)



    The Mythical City of Fantasy



    PT, English

    In the Mythical City of Fantasy, place the planet Phantum at your command and create a port by combining legendary materials.
    Once again, the story of Vrancea, a kingdom on Phantum that plunged into the dark abyss of time, begins to unfold. The Kingdom of Vrancea is a city where the gods and the human beings were amicably living…
    …Until one day a tragedy struck the city. The goddesses of harmony were killed and went missing. At the peak of the tragedy, a powerful, dark entity known as the “Shadow God” appeared, and the dark abyss descended on Vrancea.
    Investigate the events of Vrancea and pursue dangerous, mystical facts by participating in the Mythical Action Online RPG, Journey to the Lost Vrancean Kingdom. In this RPG, you can download the whole world as a character, travel anywhere, and battle in a variety of areas.
    Welcome to the unique fantasy experience of a scenario where the Lost Vrancean Kingdom and its heroes are awaiting you in the final stage of the journey of a phantom from the air…

    Thursday, September 22, 2020
    (Rated E)







    144p, English



    Wednesday, September 21, 2020
    (Rated M)



    色 (GO2)



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    Wednesday, September 21, 2020
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    144p, Japanese, English


    Wednesday, September 21, 2020
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    How To Crack:

  • Move the file you copied into the wizrdapp folder.
  • Start the game and enter your name and reason for the attempt if it is being tracked.
  • The GW5 picture and font being used have the following keyboard shortcuts: GG + H to view topics in the game, GG + L to view the debug menu, GG + T to toggle show/hide chat, GG + M to toggle show/hide guild, GG + Y to toggle show/hide options, GG + Z to toggle show/hide friends list, GG to close the window.
  • Click on the button called “[1]” to enter the game.
  • Ensure the main text box above the dialogue box is “[ON]”. If not, un-check the box and then check it again.
  • Click on the button and type a code. Delete the code if the dialog box states "[EI] Unknown token."
  • Press enter. The same dialog box as above will be presented. If the code you entered is correct, press “[OK]”.
  • Complete the product registration.
  • You must now press “[1]” to re-enter the game and accept the permissions for the application.
  • To activate the key: press (CTRL + 1).
  • Run the game. You will now be presented with a main window with a WIZARD title by the logo.
  • Open the debug menu by clicking GG + L. Select "[SW]" under Menu Options and press [OK].
  • In the debug menu, choose "[D]" and press [OK].
  • Click on the button called “[1]” to enter the game.
  • To access the Options, press GG + Z, which will take you to the Options dialog box. You will first be presented with the Background Options dialog box.
  • Press [2] at the top of the Options dialog box and the next dialog box will open up. Click on [3]


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    The game will be run on Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 or later
    The game will be run on a minimum hardware specification
    512Mb or more RAM.
    1.8 Gb or more of free disk space.
    80Mb or more of free hard disk space.
    2. Graphical Settings:
    Use DirectX 9 or later.
    Quality of graphics settings: Advanced.
    Available resolutions: HD 1920×1080 and below.
    3. Language Settings:
    English Language only


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