If you ever took the time to count every single button on your keyboard, you’d probably notice there are around a hundred different buttons, and this not taking into account secondary functions. Some tend to do more harm than help, and if Caps Lock is one of them, then Caps Lock Changer is the thing you need. Simple design makes it easy to use The installation process only takes a little of your time, with a neat option to have the application automatically run once it’s all over, just to save you some time. If the main window doesn’t appear, you need to check the system tray, because it stays there when not used. Visual design is clean and simple, so that you can choose and enable functions in the blink of an eye. As such, there’s nothing more than a drop-down menu filled with a rich amount of options, as well as a button that saves and applies your configuration, while bringing the application to the system tray. Multiple keys and functions to set By default, the application disables Caps Lock, which is quite useful in some cases and on some laptops that have incredibly little buttons and separation space. It works well with all Windows iterations so far. Sadly, it can’t automatically run on startup. As mentioned above, there’s a drop-down menu with a lot of choices. Besides letters and numbers, most common keyboard functions like, Enter, Space, Shift and so on can be picked. Sadly, you can’t add custom entries, and could have been useful to temporarily make it type a specific symbol from the character map. A few last words Considering all the above, Caps Lock Changer might not seem like much, but is similar to those tools in the shed you use once a decade, but it’s really good to have around. It works on all Windows versions, takes up little space and resources, lets you easily accommodate, making for an overall practical utility.







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Caps Lock Changer is an easy to use utility designed to let you quickly customize the caps lock key on your keyboard. From now on, you can change its behavior, by switching it between the left/right Shift mode or the toggle key. Whatever you choose it changes itself automatically. Features: – Works with Windows 7/8/8.1/10 – Uses only a few KB of space – Quick and easy installation – Works with almost all new keyboards and mice – Adjusts caps lock behavior (toggle caps lock, left/right shift caps lock) – Runs as a tray applet – Automatically re-applies your settings after shut down and restart – Works at the logon screen – Freeware without advertisements – User interface and settings are customizable – Supports all languages – Since this app is already in use in Europe, we offer a customized English version – Easy to use help / tutorial – Easily restore your previous settings This tool is completely safe and reversible. For your privacy we do not save any data about you. If you still find some features missing, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll try to improve this app for you. .NET Core libraries introduced in VS 15.3 allow developers to create cool projects. For instance, a developer can now build a PCL (Portable Class Library), publish it as NuGet packages, and then consume it in an Android and iOS application. In this article, I will show you how to create a shared PCL library using.NET Core with the help of Visual Studio 2017. Packaging the PCL PCL has a file structure where it can be used as a NuGet package and a NuGet package can be consumed inside an android / iOS project. 1. Create a shared PCL project In your Visual Studio 2017, create a new project of Shared PCL. 2. Add references to the PCL In the created project, Right-click References and then add references to nuget dependency Microsoft.Bcl.Build 1.0.19 Microsoft.NETCore.UniversalWindowsPlatform 5.3.3 Microsoft.NETCore.App 5.3.3 Microsoft.NETCore.Version 5.3.3 In the created project, Right-click References and then add references to: In your Visual Studio 2017, create a new project of Console Application.

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Introduction Usability is a must-have feature, specially for applications that might be used for a long time, or on computers that might be used by many people. There’s a quite numerous list of keyboard shortcuts that help in day-to-day use. However, I’ve found out a few that were missing, in addition to a few that could have been useful. These are the first few keyboard shortcuts I encountered when I first set my laptop up. A: I don’t think these shortcuts are available in other windows version since this application is designed only for windows 10. Windows 7 windows 8.1 don’t have these commands. Home End Page up Page Down Delete Insert Right click Minimize Maximize Create a new folder Create a new document Print Exit A: I never use the home/end/p/d buttons. I use the arrow keys (up/down/left/right) for page navigation and print/erase/copy/paste. I also use Ctrl-b to delete a word. This is specific to Notepad. At BLH, we have been working with HMRC for a number of years so we know the tax system inside out. We have a wealth of specialist knowledge and help our clients navigate the tax system. We understand that you want your financial life back, and want to explore the options available to you before you make a decision about tax. We understand the HMRC regulations and how tax changes affect you. We will advise on all aspects of UK income tax law – for individuals, self-employed people and partnerships. And we deal with financial penalties that can arise, as well as ancillary penalties that don’t always relate to tax. We work closely with our clients, so can guide you through the process and the paperwork that comes with the tax return. We manage the entire process, and you don’t need to seek support from anyone else. We fully explain the tax implications of all the decisions you make about your finances and will help you plan your future. We understand the impact of any tax changes you might face and the likelihood that you will be hit with penalty payments. If you want to discuss how you might deal with HMRC regarding your personal finances, we can help you. Alternatively, there is a link on the home page b7e8fdf5c8

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This application lets you change the caps lock key and function to the right ones. If you’ve taken time to compare all the different keyboard tools available, then you’ve probably already noticed that some are seriously complicated and always try to make you install all kind of additional programs. Avira Internet Security is one of those applications. Although it has a minimalist design, there’s loads of work to do, including a slew of settings to try and avoid false alarms. What’s more, it can’t open files from other applications and change your clipboard. Installation process Avira Internet Security is an standalone executable, so you should get it from the software center and then run it. You’ll be required to enter your details into a form and then finish by clicking on the accept button. Avira Internet Security basically launches on its own, but does require you to agree to a few terms and conditions. So, despite being very simple, the entire process isn’t exactly straightforward. Main interface The application utilizes an interface that’s very similar to other security programs, that basically leaves you to the main windows, which is divided into 4 sections. Of course, it’s your regular information including your account details, which you need to enter every time you open the application. If you’re a regular user of this application, then you’ll know this isn’t very easy, since a lot of the settings take a bit of digging around to find them. This is especially true when it comes to the advanced settings. The main window’s upper left corner contains your internet connection details, as well as your possible updates. This is quite interesting, since you’ll be told when there’s any update for the application, which just happens to be something we recommend and not the ideal case. The lower part of the interface contains a list of options that you can enable or disable. Some are really interesting, such as the one that scans your system for threats, but we’ve explained the less functional ones. The application is pretty barebones, so there’s no help to be had, so make sure you’re using an old, safe version. The update form also isn’t very well integrated, which could cause some issues if you get updates that aren’t meant for Avira Internet Security. The application has a few options that can be used

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Caps Lock Changer is a simple utility designed with a simple purpose. The main idea is to get rid of that Caps Lock key that is there to change from uppercase to lowercase letters. Who knows, you may even use it as a convenient location for shortcuts to your favorite commands that have to be done in lowercase. Automate Updates On Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10/XP No more frequent, time-consuming and annoying process of downloading and installing updates. It’s still a good idea to clean your system regularly, and uninstall all unnecessary software to keep your PC safe and save hard drive space. But in certain cases, it’s better to have a nice software to do all of this automatically for you. That’s what we’ll tell you about in this article. How Does It Work? Windows has its own built-in utility to check for updates and download them. It’s a small utility that’s called Windows Update. If you open it and check for updates, you’ll see a notification that Windows needs to be updated. Please note that the same notification appears when your computer is booting for the first time, so you may think it’s a hoax. However, there’s no hoax here. Windows Update is as real as the real thing. To make it work more efficiently, we’re giving you a few tricks to help you automate the update process. This should save you time, energy and even hard drive space, which you would usually waste on unnecessary updates. Windows Update is Hidden The Windows Update tool is hidden from your computer’s interface. To show it, you’ll need to go into the Control Panel, click on “System” and then on “Settings.” Click on the “Update and security” tab, then look for the Windows Update option at the bottom. Alternatively, you can also go to the top menu bar and select the Settings icon, then choose “Update and security.” The Windows Update Available for All Windows Versions Yes, this tool is available for Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10/XP, and you can use it with any of these versions of Windows. Go to the bottom and click on the “Check now” button. Then you’ll see an interface that lets you choose which updates you want to

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Please note that OSMScrapper needs a machine which is able to run Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise) or higher. This means that you need at least 64 bit CPU and have at least 4 GB RAM. CPU load is probably the most important criteria when looking for suitable hardware. For others, please use the Contact page and/or ask your teachers for help. Linux Mac OS Windows FAQ OSMScrapper is a tool for automatically extracting information from OSM files. It is based on Osmosis



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