The overall design and interface of Sothink Photo Album Maker are clean and intuitive. There is a good response time to all the user’s actions and the software didn’t generate any errors in our tests.
The image size, format, resolution, number of images, and so on can be set or altered in the program’s main window. The programs interface consists of the following tabs: “Tasks,” “Settings,” “Import” and “Share.”
The “Tasks” tab, on the left side, lets you check out the thumbnails and complete name of your image files, in the right pane. The preview and generate a local screen saver and share the album options can be accessed in the “Share” section.
The “Settings” tab, located on the upper right-hand side, lets you access the list of presets, image effects, theme music, album border and color, and so on. Furthermore, you can alter the default settings in this tab.
The “Import” section, located in the lower part of the main window, lets you import a single image file or a batch of them. You can also import a folder with image files or upload them to the Internet, and set a password to open the respective folder. The “Import” section is also used to share the album on the Internet or generate a screensaver.
Once the respective tasks are selected, you can start them using the “Import” and “Share” sections, respectively.
The features of Sothink Photo Album Maker consist of the following:
Import: Import images from a folder, the Internet or the camera directly.
Export: Convert the selected images to the image format you want, into a folder or to the Internet.
Share: Share your album on the Internet or generate a screensaver for your friends.
All in all, Sothink Photo Album Maker is a user-friendly photo album program that can be used by individuals of all experience levels. The program is best used for beginners.

Sothink Photo Album Maker is the easy-to-use software designed to help you create photo albums from image files. It’s a good tool for individuals of any level of experience.
The program consists of the following six tabs: “Tasks,” “Settings,” “Import,” “Share,” “Preview” and “Create.”
The “Tasks” tab is used to check out the names, size, format, resolution, image size and number of images of your 384a16bd22

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A handy graphic-editing application where you can create and edit your personal icon, using quick and easy drag and drop functionality.KEYMACRO Features:
– QuickIcons 6:
– QuickIcons 6 is a simple and practical tool for creating icons in a few simple steps.
– 6 easy to use effects.
– Drag and drop: you can drag and drop a image or select from the device’s library and save your icon.
– You can create high quality icons for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows
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People who want to create their own icon to represent their software.
People who want to add a personal touch to their software.
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how to find the sum of values in a vector c++

I want to find the sum of elements in a vector in c++. Can you tell me how can I do this?
I am a beginner. I know that find_if and find functions are there. But I have no idea how to use them.


Check this code. I think you are looking for this.

using namespace std;

int main()
vectorv = {1,5,10,11,12};
sort(v.begin(), v.end());
int sum = accumulate(v.begin(),v.end(),0);
cout Q:

SSAS Tabular Cube calculation, I have a numeric cube column as a DateTime string column

I have a cube with a column called WeekDay of type string.
I have the following MDX, where I am trying to calculate the sum of all Sales Order by WeekDay for each month
MEMBER [Measures].[January WeekDay]
IIF ([DimProduct].CurrentMember.[Month].&[1],
IIF ([DimProduct].CurrentMember.


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