When loaded with a sample file, the KeyMacro module is responsible for creating and executing the MIDI controller actions that play the piano samples, according to the Midi signals passed to it.
A MIDI controller action is simply a message sent to a MIDI output port on a sound card or MIDI interface. If you are familiar with the concept of MIDI outports, you might think of a Controller port as an “in” port and a Controller message as an “out” message.
When a midi controller message is sent to a port, the sound card or interface takes that message and interprets it as a request for some sort of action. It may be to control the volume of the sound, change the pitch, timbre, envelope, or other characteristics of the sound.
Most sample players treat MIDI controller messages as “Midi-only” messages, where the only controller messages that they respond to are those messages that instruct the sample to play some sample file. In this case, the sample is programmed to play a sample file, or part of a sample file, for the duration of the controller message.
In KeyMacro, MIDI controller messages are treated as general-purpose, “skeleton” messages. Any controller message can be turned into a “skeleton” message by prepending a defined set of note numbers to the controller message. In the case of the KeyMacro Sample Player, any controller message can be turned into a NoteOn message.
In the case of KeyMacro, any controller message can be turned into a NoteOff message.
NoteOn messages in KeyMacro are created using a MIDI “keyboard” patch that is arranged to respond to any of the 33 “key” (or pitch) numbers that make up the MIDI keyboard. So, for example, if you want to have KeyMacro respond to both the Number 5 and the Number 7 on your keyboard, the patch is arranged to respond to both the Number 5 and the Number 7. If you want KeyMacro to respond to the Number 4, then you would send the Number 4 to that patch.
The 33 key patch is what is used in the majority of KeyMacro samples. Some samples may have additional patches for controlling other aspects of the samples (e.g. the drum samples that are included in the KiKL-4 sample set)
When a NoteOn message is sent to a KeyMacro sample, that sample 384a16bd22

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