The KEYMACRO is a keyboard macro application that lets you create customized keyboard shortcuts that will do something specific when triggered. It can be used to create any type of shortcut you can think of, from running a program or opening a file to copying and pasting a word, or even moving a file.
KEYMACRO can also be used to create permanent keyboard shortcuts, by enabling it to be executed every time you start your computer. However, this will work only if the program is running.
When you launch the program, it will guide you through the process of creating your first macro.
You are required to select a name for the macro, as well as what command you want it to run.
It is also possible to create multiple macros and define them as actions that can be performed repeatedly.
When you are ready to begin, you can simply select the keyboard shortcut you want to use, and you will be shown a preview of what it will do when activated. You can also test the shortcut, by typing the keyboard shortcut and pressing Enter.
Macros can be executed either immediately, or after a specified delay, or even after a certain amount of time has elapsed.
The Macros that are available in the program are
* Run a program
* Open a file
* Create a backup file
* Create a new file
* Open a folder
* Close a folder
* Copy a file
* Move a file
* Create a bookmark
* Go to an address
* Go to a file
* Go to a folder
* Create a bookmark
* Go to the address you last edited
* Go to a file you last edited
* Move a file you last edited
* Rename a file
* Delete a file
* Print a file
* Save a file
* Open a file
* View an archive
* View the hidden files
* Open a file
* Create a new folder
* Create a new file
* Save a file
* Open a file
* View the hidden files
* Open a file
* Copy a file
* Cut a file
* Paste a file
* Move a file
* Delete a file
* Delete all files with that extension
* Copy a file
* Cut a file
* Paste a file
* Move a file
* Zip a file
* Unzip a file
* Move a file to a specific directory
* Create a shortcut to a file
* Display the contents of 384a16bd22

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1. CREATE OR SELECT: Choose from a menu of available templates for your diagram
2. VISUALIZATION: Choose the view of the diagram you want to use
3. OPTIONS: Add a shape, change border color, change font, insert a bullet
4. ADD: Upload your photos or import diagrams
5. DRAW: Edit the original diagram and choose the scale
6. IMPORT: Upload a Visio file and convert it to the diagram
7. PERMISSION: Restrict users or groups to access or download the diagram
8. VISUALIZE: Use the diagram to create a Confluence page
9. SHARING: Share the diagram by email or as a link to a browser
10. REVISION: Track the changes with revision control
11. RESIZE: Adjust the image dimensions of the diagram
12. HISTORY: View the previous versions of the diagram
13. LAYOUT: Rearrange the position of the shapes
14. CUSTOM: Customize the user interface with CSS
15. PARAMETERS: Configure the visual appearance of the diagram

I added 2 new text styles in the premium list. The styles are listed as below:

– default: this style is used for the title, subtitle and description of the article. It’s taken from the or tags.
– premium: this style is used for the title of the premium list. It’s taken from the tag.

The goal of this change is that some lists will appear with a bigger font and so they will be easily noticeable.

If you have any feedback, I am here to receive them.

Best regards,

How would you solve this problem?


In the VisualEditor, the TextField types are:


You’re using button so a style isn’t applied.
The “Default” style that you mentioned is applied to text areas.


Cannot run sbt in Intellij

I have checked other questions on SO, and followed all the steps they suggest, but I cannot get it to work.
I have installed Scala plugin 0.3.1 from and I have Intellij


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