Working with ALM (Oracle Application Lifecycle Manager).
Working with TeamForge.
Collaborate on code (dbMaestro TeamWork for TeamForge).
Share assets across your team (dbMaestro TeamShare).
Trace work done in ALM or TeamForge.
dbMaestro TeamWork for TeamForge Features:

dba Maestro for TeamForge in Multi-user mode.
Work with ALM and TeamForge databases (in different modes – Author, Participant and Reviewer).
Work with TeamForge Test and Deliver processes.
Support for Git.
Support for TeamForge Builds.
Support for TeamForge Workspaces.
Trace code changes.

At LAST PLACE to use Oracle APEX Builder? Or use DbMaestro more productively?
This is a little soft question. My “professional” business is changing, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with more APEX Builder – and on the other hand I prefer working with more productively with the tool, which I already use as a freelancer.
Therefore I can’t just stay with one tool, I’d like to have both.
So what do you prefer? APEX Builder or DbMaestro?


I’ve never used DbMaestro so can’t really compare it, but I think if you are working with Oracle APEX, the suite of developer tools is just going to give you far better results. So if you are managing a team and working with your Oracle APEX team, I would say that any product that isn’t Oracle APEX is probably not going to be as useful as something that is Oracle APEX.


When I want to deploy a database from my ALM instance, I have two primary needs:

Creating packages for the deployment.
Creating scripts to populate the tables, indexes, sequences, constraints and triggers.

On both of these, the (freestanding) dba Maestro for TeamForge is the perfect tool. For those, I can do all the details. And I just click Save.
If I had to do a lot of package creation, as well as the database scripts, I would use Apex Builder.
I have had the opportunity to compare the two tools, with the APEX Tooling and Powertools guides. At that time, Apex Builder looked pretty powerful, but the dba Maestro for TeamForge had a lot more to offer. The 384a16bd22

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