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We’re musicians. And we make music. We create lyrics and tunes that people will treasure forever.

We care about each other.  We’re also  out there everywhere writing a lyric or playin’ a cool guitar riff. Chords. Poetry. The beginnings of some thing that we care about.  A sweet little gem that’s special. Special to us. Special to the world.

Together we’re Lyrics and Music – a team coming together…, a motley crew of upcoming and untold, unfound musical artists that now have a venue to expose their talents.

Welcome to Lyrics & Tunes – A place to collaborate and seek out talent to finish your piece of work.  Your piece of work that needs lyrics to your tune or a tune that needs a poem. Musically played, felt and overwhelming. Life’s fun entertaining people with your artwork. Music is the medium.








OK…, let’s get ready for the adventure that’s gonna rock this world.  Are you excited?  Are you ready?

Get ready to show your inner soul… Lyrics and Tunes is about making your soul shine.

The way Lyrics and Tunes is a showcase to bring together musicians to share their work, (probably unfinished) to find a collorborator help finish the tune.  Easy as signing up right now and start the hunt for your musical soul-mate.

how it works: you can upload lyric sheet. You can upload a muical mp3 you can upload anything you want. Then we go to work and get your work out there.  We share your work with like-minded members of our site.

Questions, comments, thoughts, LYRICS or TUNES… feel free to holler…

and we’ll write a lyric back to you…